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We’re your trusted partner in the dynamic world of digital marketing. We excel at tailoring strategies that amplify your brand’s voice. We pour our passion into crafting creative solutions that truly connect with your audience, guaranteeing the success of your business every step of the way.

TM Digital Consulting Inc.


To provide expert guidance, strategic insights, and innovative solutions tailored to address the diverse challenges encountered by businesses, organizations, and communities. We aspire to become the trusted advisor and partner that empowers our clients to proactively address these challenges, driving sustainable growth and competitive advantage within their respective industries.


To be the premier digital consulting firm, renowned for our commitment to excellence, innovation, and client success. We aspire to be the go-to partner for businesses, organizations, and communities seeking to thrive in the digital age, empowering them to achieve their strategic objectives and make a positive impact across industries and societies.


To be the trusted advisor and partner that inspires and enable businesses, organizations, and communities on their digital journeys by providing expert guidance, strategic insights, and innovative solutions that drive sustainable growth and competitive advantage. Services: Advisory and Consulting, Digital Marketing Agency, Courses and Trainings.

Our Story

Once upon a time in the bustling cities of Central Luzon and Metro Manila, there was a group of passionate individuals who shared a common vision – to empower fellow entrepreneurs to thrive in the digital age. This is the story of TM Digital Consulting Inc., where expertise meets empathy, and innovation meets integrity.

Meet Roy, the founder of TM Digital Consulting Inc. With over a decade of experience in the digital landscape, Roy envisioned a consultancy that would bridge the gap between technology and business, guiding enterprises towards sustainable growth and success. Fueled by a deep-rooted entrepreneurial spirit and a genuine desire to make a difference, Roy set out on a mission to redefine the consulting experience for businesses across the Philippines.

At TM Digital Consulting Inc., it’s not just about numbers and metrics; it’s about people and relationships. Every interaction is an opportunity to connect, understand, and collaborate. From the seasoned business owners navigating the complexities of the digital landscape to the dedicated team members striving to deliver value every step of the way, everyone at TM Digital Consulting Inc. shares a common commitment – to empower clients to achieve their goals and realize their dreams.

What sets TM Digital Consulting Inc. apart is not just the expertise or the technology, but the human touch infused into every aspect of the consulting process. It’s the personalized approach, the genuine care, and the unwavering dedication to client success that truly make a difference. Whether it’s devising a comprehensive digital strategy, implementing innovative solutions, or providing ongoing support and guidance, TM Digital Consulting Inc. is there every step of the way, empowering clients to overcome challenges, seize opportunities, and achieve remarkable outcomes.

And the outcomes speak for themselves. From driving exponential growth and profitability to enhancing operational efficiency and customer satisfaction, the impact of TM Digital Consulting Inc. is felt far and wide. But beyond the numbers and statistics, it’s the stories of transformation – the dreams realized, the obstacles overcome, and the futures reshaped – that truly define the essence of TM Digital Consulting Inc.

In the ever-evolving digital landscape, TM Digital Consulting Inc. remains steadfast in its commitment to empowering growth, driving innovation, and shaping a better tomorrow for businesses across the Philippines. Because at the heart of it all, it’s not just about consulting; it’s about making a meaningful difference in the lives of clients, one success story at a time. This is the TM Digital Consulting Inc. story – where expertise meets empathy, and where every journey begins with a vision and ends with a triumph.

Who We Serve

Lead Generation and Client Acquisition:

If you are…

  • Struggling to generate leads and acquire new customers.
  • Dealing with stagnant growth or declining sales.
  • Experiencing low engagement and interaction on digital channels.
  • Concerned about the impact of negative online reviews or reputation management.
  • Needing support with email marketing and lead nurturing.



Brand Recognition and Visibility:

If you are…

  • Facing challenges with brand recognition and visibility.
  • Lacking a cohesive brand strategy and identity.
  • Struggling to establish a unique selling proposition (USP) that resonates with customers.
  • Unsure how to effectively communicate brand messaging and values to target audiences.
  • Feeling stuck in a competitive market with limited differentiation.



Marketing Strategy and Execution:

If you are…

  • Experiencing challenges with content creation and distribution across multiple channels.
  • Feeling overwhelmed by the complexity of digital marketing.
  • Frustrated with ineffective or inefficient marketing efforts.
  • Unclear on how to track and measure the ROI of marketing campaigns.
  • Needing guidance on developing a comprehensive marketing strategy aligned with business goals.


Digital Presence and Online Engagement:

If you are…

  • Needing guidance on website optimization and user experience.
  • Feeling overwhelmed by the technical aspects of digital marketing tools and platforms.
  • Uncertain about how to leverage social media for business growth.
  • Experiencing challenges with content creation and distribution.
  • Needing guidance on leveraging digital marketing tools and technologies effectively.



Resource Limitations and Budget Constraints:

If you are…

  • Dealing with budget constraints and resource limitations.
  • Seeking support to adapt to the shift to online business models.
  • Experiencing challenges with scaling marketing campaigns without increasing costs.
  • Concerned about the ROI of marketing investments and the effectiveness of budget allocation.
  • Needing support to adapt marketing strategies to changing business needs and market conditions.



AI Business Integration

If you are…

  • Lack of internal expertise or resources to implement AI technologies effectively.
  • Needing support with selecting and customizing AI solutions to address specific business challenges.
  • Facing resistance or skepticism from stakeholders about the value and benefits of AI integration.
  • Having compatibility issues between existing systems and AI solutions.


Consulting and Advisory Services, Digital Marketing Agency, Courses and Trainings

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